Daniel Camargo was born in an extensive family of artists in the Southern tail of Brazil, enticing in him a strong desire for making it since a very early age. Graduated in Industrial Design, Graphic Arts, and a bachelor in Architecture, he decided to move to the U.S. in the Spring of Two Thousand and Four.

Coming from such a Nature-abundant Country, his ultimate inspiration became Life. As it simply is, so powerful, and so abundant to this Planet and around the Cosmos, mutation and adaptation seems to be a rule of which we all share as live beings. The Nonexistence of time, the concept of a Multiverse. A Power that unravels itself into both ends: the Light, and the Shadows. His work in one of tuning-in and capturing the essence of a genuine reality, as ancient as current.

“Daniel’s abstract paintings and sculptural pieces depict organic shapes and figures in unique ways, enticing viewers to add their own emotions and interpretations." - Sandi Cottrell, director of Mission Federal ArtWalk, San Diego.